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Splash Studio: A Painting Bar

Splash Studio Experience Splash Studio Experience

Splash Studio Experience

Splash Studio Experience

Splash Studio Experience

It's the first day of my last spring break! Hooray! Although it hardly feels like it given the chilly temps we're still having, at least no school for a week :) I find it funny how most people my age are all like "Spring break! Let's go get drunk!" and I'm just like "YAY spring break! Time for spring cleaning!!" Um not normal. Sometimes I think I'm really a 40 year old trapped in a 22 year old's body. Help!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago some friends and I finally made it to Splash Studio, the painting bar in Milwaukee's third ward. It's been on  my list of things to do ever since I turned 21 almost 2 years ago because well art…wine…two of my all-time favorite things duh!  Just as we assumed, the night was a blast! The studio has an exciting and stress-free atmosphere making it impossible to not enjoy yourself. The instructors take you step-by-step through the painting of the evening while other staff members are walking around to help you out. All of this is happening while catchy and happy (literally Pharrell's song Happy came on) music is filling the room! Also, it is totally A-OK to have a dance party at any given moment. Talk about the perfect atmosphere hey? Wine, painting, and dancing. I'm surprised I ever left although we were almost the last one's out the door. Overall, a fantastic night and another point for Milwaukee in my book!

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