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Spring Florals

Spring FloralsSpring Florals Spring FloralsSpring FloralsSpring Florals Spring Florals

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I'm sitting here this morning, still in bed, thinking hmmm what little tidbit of life shall I share on the blog today? Friends, I got nothin'. As I mentioned in my previous post I am on my spring break which apparently this year stands for lay around and do nothing for majority of the day. And believe it or not, I like it :) It's weird to think how much changes in a year! Last year I would be going stir-crazy having more than one day with nothing on the calendar. This year I'm like bring it on! That's probably not a great thing, but who knows maybe next year I'll be back to my old ways.

It's no secret that florals are a favorite of mine year round (see here), but every year come spring they're practically unavoidable which I am A-okay with! I've gathered some fun pieces that I've stumbled across lately above with links for your shopping pleasure ;)

Alright, it's back to Pinteresting and drinking coffee for me...Happy Tuesday!

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