Summer Checklist 2015

Summer Checklist 2015
Summer Checklist 2015 | Katelyn Now

Summer is easily my favorite time of year. I’m the kind of person who likes to step outside and instantly be sweating. My ideal day is 85 degrees and spent outside, barefoot in the sun from morning until night. To me summer is carefree and nostalgic. I. live. for. summer.

With that being said, this time around, summer is going to be a little strange for me. It’s the first summer in 20 years that I won’t be dancing (what!), I’ll be in/attending multiple weddings & all the parties that come along with them, & it will be my first summer with a real job - running my own business! I’m hoping that in between the craziness I’ll find some time for fun :) Here’s a few things I’d like to check off in the upcoming season:

- Have a pool party - Hike or bike through a state park - Have a backyard slumber party with my BFF (like we did when we were teenagers) - Picnic with Dan - Practice yoga outdoors - Enjoy some Leon’s Frozen Custard - Drink wine on a patio with my love

Short & sweet for 2015 :) Anything epic on your checklist for summer? Or any suggestions for MY summer checklist? Leave 'em in the comments ↓

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