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Sweater Weather

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now


Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Scarf : Delia's (similar here) | Sweater : TJ Maxx (similar here) | Jeans : Gap |  Shoes : Old Navy |  Bag : Target

I must admit, this time of year with classes getting more intense by the day and mid-terms just around the corner isn't exactly a fun time for mebut I'm lucky enough to go to a university that transforms into a really beautiful site during autumn. Not to mention it's sweater weather now which is always exciting and YES, I even have a little sweater for my coffee cups :)

Soon enough the semester will be over and it'll be time for all that holiday craziness, time for delicious pumpkin pies and turkey dinners, and time to try selling back all those books you spent a fortune on in September. Totally kidding about that last part. You guys know you don't have to spend a lot of money on textbooks riiiight?

Well if not, keep this in mind for the coming semester. Campus Book Rentals is an ingenious online site that students can utilize to save A LOT of money on books. The shipping is free both ways, you're allowed to highlight in the textbooks (which is a huge bonus for me since I tend to get a little highlighter-happy), and the prices are anywhere from 40-90% less than what you'd pay in a bookstore! Amazing. I know. They also have a new program where you can rent out your own textbooks and receive 2 to 4 times more money than you would through buyback options. You can find out more about how RentBack works by watching this quick video!

All of that is great, but honestly my favorite reason for using is because they've chosen to donate to a great cause called Operation Smile for every. single. textbook that is rented! This is a charity that helps fund surgeries for children with cleft lip or cleft palate. As you guys know, I'm a big fan of giving back so this truly makes utilizing a no-brainer for me.

So in few short months I'll have my textbooks shipped back for no charge and I'll be enjoying my holidays stress-free. Okay maybe a liiittle bit of deal-chasing, gift-wrapping, snow-shoveling stress...but that I can handle :)

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