Trujillo, Honduras | 1.28.15

Hello blog world! I'm back at it (a few days later than I had planned) after my 8 day vacation :) I really thought I would have had my daily life back on track by now, but I still feel as though I just got home a few hours ago (we arrived home on Saturday night). Oops!

Anyway, today I wanted to share just the highlight of my trip, because if I shared everything that would be long and boring and a bit "braggy." My favorite day of our cruise was Wednesday when we stopped in Trujillo, Honduras. This was by far the most uncivilized place I have ever been and I think that's why it beats our beach day in touristy Mexico or our adventures in busy Belize. All of the roads were dirt and some of the houses were made of nothing but mud and sticks. Yet the people there seemed so happy. This is my favorite thing about traveling. I love seeing other cultures and noticing how content they seem with so little and such simplicity, and then there's us in the States who are crazy addicted to "stuff."

In Trujillo Dan and I went horseback riding on the beach. The funny thing about this is that nobody tells you how much horses dislike water. My horse was constantly weaving back and forth to avoid the tide and trotted around every little puddle. It was laughable! The trail eventually took us to an agricultural preserve area where we saw rows of lemon and lime trees, rows of cucumbers and pineapple plants, and even had a taste of their tart starfruit right off of the trees.

When we made it back to the beach we were able to walk around and take in all of the beauty and greenery that is Honduras. The views were undeniably breathtaking in every direction. I truly did not want to leave, but it was time for our next adventure which was back on the ship for two days at sea! Those are the days that I really need to help me feel rejuvenated and inspired when I get home :) If you have a question about cruising or Honduras, or even what SPF a white girl from the midwest needs to wear in South America (the answer is 70)…leave 'em in the comments below!

Stay tuned for a few outfits from my trip later this week!