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Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day Outfit

Outfit 1 ^

Valentine's Day Outfit

Outfit 2 for our dinner date ^

Valentine's Day Cookies

"Healthy" Chocolate Chip Cookies ^

Valentine's Day DIY

Card I made for my man ^ (also threw in my bracelet of the day!)

There is something about the anticipation and excitement of a holiday that gets me every time. Pretty much any day that is a holiday I'll find myself thinking "(insert holiday) is my favorite holiday!" So naturally on Thursday while planning for Valentine's Day and on Friday while celebrating I was all like "Valentine's Day is my favorite day of the year!!" Guys, no it's totally not. I think it's just that I love having something specific to celebrate. It's one of the greatest feelings!

I hope you'll find some inspiration from this post even though Valentine's Day is over, but you can always "pin it" for next year :) On Thursday I baked a "healthy" version of chocolate chip cookies. I've always tried to be very conscious of what I'm putting into my body, but lately I've been extra mindful about it as my dance team season is about to start! I probably ruined the "healthiness" of the cookies though with the irrational amount of chocolate chips I mixed in there (oops)…I gave most of them to the bf anyway! Next I got crafty and made my boyfriend a card so I could write my own message. I swear glitter paper and a paint pen are two essentials to have laying around the house lately. I've used them for so many things!

I also wanted to share my outfits because, well, I like clothes ♥


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Snowy Old World Wedding Inspiration

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