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Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

I was seriously considering titling this post "I Love Cognac." You know... Cause the shirt has love written all over it and I'm sporting cognac accessories? But then I realized two things

1) that's a terribly ridiculous pun


2) that's not even the topic of this post (I'll still include the outfit deets of course)

Clearly, I came to my senses and did not end up using that title (you're welcome). I actually needed to talk about wanderlust today. Yes need, not want. I often wonder if everyone goes through phases of intense desire to travel the way I do. Lately I cannot get my mind off of getting away. Don't get me wrong, I adore my eventful city. But ever since jacket weather has kicked in so has my excessive amounts of Groupon Getaway searches. I've been incredibly blessed to have traveled to so many incredible places already at my young age, but I think that just makes me crave it more. Nothing would make me feel more alive than experiencing the view of Santorini, Greece, or feasting on pasta in Lake Como, Italy, or engaging in our own countries history in Boston, eating fresh lobster in Maine, shopping 5th avenue in NYC, exploring the mountains in Denver, soaking up sun on a beach in Hawaii...I seriously could go on forever. I swear one day I'll just book a flight and go, unfortunately today isn't that day. Google searches will have to satisfy my craving for now. If you could escape to somewhere amazing today, where would you choose?

Top : Express | Belt & Bracelet : Gap (in stores) | Bag : Target | Jeans : Old Gap | Boots : Thrift Store ($9!)

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