What's in my Bag?

What's in my Bag?

We all know how crazy-busy December gets leading up to Christmas and the New Year! Lately there have been a number of times that I've finished my nanny day and rushed off to some event right after.  Whenever this happens I make sure I have a few essentials with me to make the switch from the large bag I take with me to watch the kids into a smaller clutch(from Woodbury Lane) with just my necessities. Here's what I always have in my bag these days:

1. Business Cards: It's quickly gotten to the point where I feel naked and helpless if I don't have a few cards on me wherever I go!  I never know when I'll meet a future customer, vendor, or someone who's genuinely interested in helping me out! I always make sure to have at least 5-10 on me at all times.

2. South Beach Snack Bars: You guys, if I don't eat every few hours I get hangry! To ensure that this does not happen during the holiday season I've been carrying these South Beach Snack Bars with me everywhere I go. I have them in both the toffee and coconut flavors, but I think I'm partial to the coconut kind. Both bars have tons of flavor though and less sugar and more protein than most diet bars. Essentially these bars are life savers these days.

3. Age Rewind - Dark Circle Eraser: After playing around with the kids for 9 hours the first thing I want to do when I leave is freshen up my makeup (or add makeup on the days I wear none). I'm usually just looking for a little way to brighten up my face and even out my skin tone a bit. I've been using this "Age Rewind" product for just over a year now and I swear by it! I use it under my eyes to brighten them up and as a concealer.

4. Lipstick: A lip color is another item that's a must during the holidays. I really don't wear lipstick all that much, but during this time of year it makes me feel more festive :) I'm really liking the colors "Sugar Rose" and "Oh My Berry" from Maybelline right now.

5. Keys: Although this one is pretty obvious I needed to include them because I just can't get enough of my leather tassel keychain from Permanent Baggage!

Happy Monday! I hope it's not a stressful one as we're just three days out from Christmas! :)