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White on White + Dimmi Shoes Coupon

White on white outfitMonochrome outfit | Katelyn Now DIMMI Floral Shoes Monochrome outfit | Katelyn Now Monochrome outfit | Katelyn Now

Details - Top : Old | Boyfriend Jeans : Gap | Shoes : Dimmi | Bag : Similar | Photos : Resler Photography

Funny story today friends. Originally, I pictured wearing these shoes from Dimmi paired with a denim romper for summer. I headed to Old Navy and Urban Outfitters online, did a quick search, and BAM….both stores had one (unfortunately Old Navy's was sold out). I thought, "I should give myself a little pat on the back when I write this post, for my secret talent of automatically knowing which stores will carry such a specific item!" And then the romper arrived…NOT DENIM. Nope just a plain old cotton romper that looks mysteriously denim-like on the site. Clearly I scratched that whole thing and went with a crisp white on white outfit (much better if I do say so myself)!

Back to these sneakers I'm wearing. Those of you who know my love for floral will understand how perfect I think these shoes are. And they happen to be incredibly comfortable as well. As I mentioned up top, they are from Dimmi which is a charitable brand of shoes that gives away 100% of their wholesale profits to medical research. I think that's a cause we can all stand behind! I enjoyed learning about the family who began the line's story (here) and hope that my readers would like to give back as well! Use the following coupon code for 15% off when you by your own Dimmi shoes until July 31st :) Enjoy!


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