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Why I Run...

10k Today was supposed to be the day of my second half-marathon. The half-marathon did indeed take place, but I was not running it. Let's just say "life happened" and my training did not go as planned. I got busy, was too tired, had too much homework (all of which are poor excuses) to run as much as I should have in the past month. But I paid the money to be there which is why I showed up this morning to run the 10k. As the race was about to start, I realized "because I had paid" was my reasoning for showing up and I felt like a failure for knowing I would not be able to do the 13.1 along with the rest of the half-marathoners among me. Both of these realizations were just plain dumb! The more I thought about it I realized I should have showed up because I CAN run and because I WANT to run. And just because I couldn't do the half today, didn't mean I'm not a runner! So I was determined to make my 10k something I could be proud of. I found a girl a little bit ahead of me who seemed to have a slightly quicker pace than I and my goal was to stick with her the entire time. Not only did I do that, but at the 5 mile marker I significantly picked up my pace, passed her and her running friend, and sprinted the rest of the way (keep in mind my idea of a "sprint" is probably much slower than an actual sprint)! Needless to say it was a fabulous run and I am so happy that I accomplished it.

So that's my 10k story, but the real point to this post is not to share a story, it is to remind myself and others why we love to run. Because sometimes I forget how amazing it is, until I show up the day of a race with little preparation and training. Then I kick myself for not doing more, for not embracing my health, and for missing out on so many runner highs! So here it is, why I run:

  • I run to stay healthy.
  • I run for the natural high afterwards.
  • I run for those who cannot.
  • I run to inspire & to be inspired.
  • I run to clear my mind.
  • I run to push myself harder than the day before.
  • I run for an excuse to listen to my favorite Beyonce songs (on repeat).
  • I run for satisfying exhaustion vs. lazy exhaustion.
  • I run because it's a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
  • I run because pain is only temporary.
  • I run to meet new people & see new places.
  • I run because it gives me an excuse to drink chocolate milk!
  • I run so I can look good and feel good.
  • I run because it's a challenge.
  • I run for a reason to get out of bed.
  • I run for an excuse to buy cute, new workout clothes.
  • I run for the jitters & excitement the night before a race.
  • I run because some day I won't be able to.
  • I run because it makes me want to eat healthier.
  • I run because I'm competitive.
  • I run for the race day adrenaline rush.
  • I run because I can.

This is my motivation spot. It's on the inside of my closet door and sometimes I like to peak at it before a run, or whenever I feel unmotivated/down. It reminds me of my accomplishments and gives me some inspiration. It contains: my 10k and half-marathon medals, my 10k and half-marathon bibs, my favorite Jillian Michaels quote, and an autographed picture from olympic gold medalist Dara Torres :)


 What do you do to stay motivated? Please share!




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