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Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Winter Wedding Guest Attire Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Winter Wedding Guest Attire

guest attire for a winter wedding

Photo Credit : Resler Photography

Two of my best friends have already gotten engaged this year! A big hooray, congrats, and fist pump for the two of them and a major disaster for me. Not because I'm jealous or feel the "always a bridesmaid never a bride" scenario, not at all. I have a fabulous boyfriend and I'm content with the fact that an engagement is not in the near future, but this is a disaster because I've realized how pathetically obsessed I actually am with weddings. The time I've spent on Etsy and Pinterest searching dresses, reception decor, and cake designs lately is nothing short of shameful.

The point of telling you about my less than admirable obsession is because it reminded me of these photos I took months ago. I was going to send them to another blogger who intended on doing a feature about wedding guest attire, but by the time I got around to it she had changed up her blog name and started going a different route. So I'm sharing them today...better late than never!

Anywhooo, take a look at the accessories of the outfit. If you've been around my blog for a while now you may recognize them from this wedding guest attire post from fall. Yep, they are exactly the same. The point of this is to show how having versatile and classic accessories is incredibly beneficial through the seasons! If you have an upcoming wedding to attending or let's be honest you just feel like doing a little internet shopping, peek at some of the classic pieces I've suggested below :) Happy Wednesday!

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