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Winter Wonderland + kensie Giveaway!

Kensie Giveaway | Katelyn Now

Kensie Giveaway | Katelyn Now

Kensie GIveaway | Katelyn Now

Kensie Giveaway | Katelyn Now

Kensie Giveaway | Katelyn Now

As you can see it is still a winter wonderland here in Wisconsin (not much to my surprise). What is surprising though is the polar vortex temps we're getting. NOT. A. FAN. I'm pretty sure it was about 3 degrees when we took these pics over the weekend. Geeeez the things I do for my readers ;) Anywho, I've been attempting to brighten up my outfits these days to help with my (not-so-sunny) mood. White pants and a pastel pink top, it doesn't get much brighter than that!

So you're probably all wondering where the glasses came from huh? Well I was lucky enough to receive them from kensie Clothing a few days ago. They are perfect since I've been wanting some "hipster"-ish glasses (do people even say "hipster" anymore?) for quite a while! These specific frames are great because I didn't want a really heavy and dark frame since I have a small face, afraid that they would completely take overrr everythinggg. Maybe someday I'll take the risk!

On to the important stuff…the giveaway I mentioned in the title! To enter to win a free item from kensie Clothing check out the Rafflecopter below and follow kensie and Katelyn Now on few different social media platforms. That's all! In case you aren't familiar with the kensie brand their products can be found at Macy's, ModCloth, Nordstrom, Zappos, and Bloomingdales to name a few. They carry everything from glasses frames, to pajamas, to high waisted skinny jeans, to swimsuits, to jewelry…okay so just about anything a girl could want. So enter now! Giveaway ends on Wednesday February 5th & winner will be selected at random and notified promptly :)

P.S. Everythinggg I'm wearing in this post is from Gap except for the booties (Old Navy) and the glasses (kensie…obviously)

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