Woodbury Lane is Live!

Woodbury Lane is Live!

I truly cannot believe this day has come! In so many aspects it feels like just yesterday when I announced that I'd be starting my own business, but in many more ways it seems as though the launching & startup process was never-ending. Yet, here we are today and Woodbury Laneis live! I have put so much time and effort into this website which makes the fact that people can officially see my work pretty surreal. It's funny how what I had in mind for WL from the beginning is slightly different from how it actually turned out, but all of the differences are what make the shop unique and personal.

So today I am celebrating the launch the best way I know how…by showing off my two favorite pieces currently in the shop :) These tapered pants - that I basically wish I could live in - and this Soft Etched Spring Coat are both up on the site just waiting to be shipped out to their forever homes ;)

Finally, I need to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of the launch! There are so many bloggers and small business owners out there who have been encouraging, motiving, and above all inspiring in the past few months via social media. It's a really great feeling knowing that many people have got my back throughout this journey.

Happy Tuesday & happy shopping!

Jewelry, coat, & pants are from Woodbury Lane | Photos by Resler Photography