Woodbury Lane Update

Woodbury Lane Update

Lately it has been hard for me to contain my excitement about Woodbury Lane's progress, but I've been saving it up until there was enough to post about! This past weekend I ventured to Chicago to buy inventory which was completely thrilling. I am happy to say that you can expect a shop-able combination of staple pieces and contemporary items. I wish I could show you everything that will be on the site right now, but sadly you'll have to wait until Spring. Even I have to wait until January for most things to arrive…boo :/

That leads me to my next update, a launch month has been narrowed down! You can expect to see the site go live sometime in February 2015 with an IRL (in real life) launch party tentatively scheduled for March! However, word on the street is that when you sign up for VIP membership (just need to give your email address) you'll be getting an inventory sneak peek real soon.  Also, I'm crossing my fingers that I can get some kinks worked out and VIP members will have access to shop the 'gift boutique' before Christmas. AKA in less than a month!

Just typing that out is giving me a minor panic attack, but in a good way if that's possible ;)

So, updates in a nutshell:

- February website launch

- Sneak peeks and early shopping for VIP members (sign up here)

- And last but not least a little preview of how your packages will ship to you…subject to change, but happy mail nonetheless ♥

Thank you to Creatiate for the perfect packaging stamp!